5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda for Gorilla Trekking

Many want to track gorillas in the best trekking destination in Africa, despite it being one of the most pricey wildlife adventures but still the most exciting in the world. The search for a perfect gorilla trekking destination varies depending on one’s budget and interest. However, Uganda stands out best for gorilla trekking safaris in all aspects including, transport, gorilla permit, accommodation and other attractions that travelers wish to experience.

Do you want to see mountain gorillas but you have a small budget? Fly into Entebbe and head out for a cheaper gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park, two gorilla national parks in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Tracking gorillas in Uganda is very cheap and affordable either on budget, midrange or luxury travel arrangements.

Transport in Uganda

Visitors to Uganda are free to connect to different destinations of interest by road or air means of travel. Taxis, Boda boda, special hire taxis, Buses, self drive, are the common used road transport options for whoever feels like getting around. When using buses or taxis in Uganda make sure you keep your valuables and don’t eat food or drinks from other passengers.

Self Drive

Those looking at driving themselves (Self drive), use 4WD cars that is in good condition and first checks for spare tire changing equipments before embarking on any journey. Also make get the international driving license plus a log book photocopy. Respect all the driving rules and regulations on the road especially the speed.

Flying in Uganda

Uganda has multiple domestic flight operators including Aero link, Eagle air. Mission aviation fellowship that fly to national parks and other places making it easy for visitors to connect to any place any time. Some flights are scheduled while others are not and flexible for any traveler.  Remember, most of the airstrips are not located in city centers so you need a vehicle to move you to the exact place of travel.


There aren’t as many campsites in Uganda as there are in many other countries but you can stay in the available lodges, hotels and hostels. Various accommodation facilities are located close to every tourist attraction and airport making it easy for visitors to find overnight stay places even those on late flight arrivals. All accommodations cater for all kinds of travelers, luxury, midrange and budget and the choice is made by the travelers themselves.

Those on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris can sleep at Buhoma community bandas, Gorilla friends campsite, Broad Bill campsite, Gift of Nature, wagtail eco lodge, Nshongi gorilla camp and many others for budget option, while those on luxury gorilla safaris can opt for lodges like Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla forest camp, Volcanoes lodge, Gorilla safari lodge, Ruhija safari lodge among others.

Gorilla Permits in Uganda

Unique mountain gorilla tracking and cheap gorilla permits are found only in Uganda. The time is now for everyone to go gorilla trekking in Africa at affordable rates. In both Bwindi national Park and Mgahinga national park ,gorilla permits cost $600 per a trek a price that is valid until 2019 a year in which the Uganda Wildlife Authority is planning to revise all the Uganda national park tariff rates. Even the discounted permits that cost $450 for April, May and November will remain a great opportunity for those looking at budget gorilla trekking safaris in Africa.

Today gorilla tourism is very important in Uganda and a base for most safaris in Uganda. Much of the safaris  are  for gorilla trekking to Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park because it’s the prime tourist attraction in Uganda. However, tracking gorillas with a visit to other Uganda national parks like Kibale forest, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley is a great fantastic experience that no everyone should experience while in Africa.