Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is one of the only three countries that protect the mountain gorillas. These endangered apes are jealously protected in the Volcanoes National Park within northern Rwanda.

If you’ve never been to Rwanda before then it might seem like a new world on earth having heard a lot about the country’s people, city organization, strict rules ,attractions and many others. Planning a safari in Rwanda is too easy unlike in other destination where it sometimes become a hassle. The country has many tour agencies and experts who propose amazing incredible Rwanda trip itineraries for successful holidays. Responses are always in time giving you a new job of reading different trip itineraries and inspirations that make up to your holiday.We always have wishes and expectations before planning trips or even before heading out for them but consider in mind that not all come true at least you can miss out 1% though Rwanda safaris are dream holidays in Africa that whoever visits leaves with more great memories than expected. Several Questions pop up every time you plan to visit a new destination across the world including when is the best time to visit?, How to get there?, what should you pack for the trip?, Do I need a Visa?, what is best to see and do?, How will the weather be like?, how much do I need for the tour? and many others.


Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

The best areas for mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda

The Volcanoes National Park is an incredible place for you to enjoy your mountain gorilla trekking experiences in Rwanda. The park is composed of 10 habituated gorilla families for tourists to visit which represent 80 permits per day. The gorilla permit costs $1500 per visitor. At 7:00am local time your gorilla briefing starts with a cup of coffee or tea depending on your preference and then traditional Itore Dance performances. Your trek ranges from shorter hikes up to all day treks for the case of Susa gorilla families.

Kwita Izina

There is also the Kwita Izina that is also the naming ceremony of the mountain gorillas that is also carried out in Rwanda and this activity also attracts many tourists and has brought high revenues to this country; Rwanda.

Rwanda visa

Yes you do need a Rwanda tourist visa to enter Rwanda so some foreign nationals don’t need it. One can apply online but don’t use Hotmail account or work email while sending in your request for the online Visa. The most recommended mails are Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Visa fee for Rwanda is $30 but you should be a foreigner who want to visit Rwanda on purpose but not work and not nationals of Uganda, Singapore, UK, U.S.A, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Kenya, Hong Kong, Germany, Burundi, Congo, and Mauritius. If you enter Rwanda for holidays, sightseeing and recreation, the country allows a minimum stay of one month and if you wish to stay a little bit longer you advised to get another class of Rwanda visa. Rwanda visas are processed within 3 days and all visa applicants receive tracking numbers immediately after submission. Other Rwanda visas include multiple entry visa at 75$,transit visa 37$, tourist visa for multiple entry and valid for 90 days 62$ ,conference: 37$,medical treatment: 20$,and group tourist125$. Requirements differ depending on different types of visas.

Best time for Rwanda vacations

As a general rule, June- October and December to match are hot and considered to Rwanda’s peak season, with average warm weather, sunshine and April, May and November is cool with some rains and a pleasant time to track chimpanzees and is considered as low season. However the all year is a great time to visit Rwanda for any tour activity because the country has variety in stock for every interest and holiday any time. One can chill at Lake Kivu beach from Kigali, then down to volcanoes national park to see gorillas and finally discover the natural beauty of the primate park Nyungwe. You might be surprised to see rain showers in the considered dry months though it usually shines immediately and temperatures change a slightly though just like before. If chimpanzees are your favorite, visit during late may when trees and forest vegetation’s are wearing fresh leaves and fruits the time when chimpanzees move slow because they keep stopping in different forest locations for a bite.But for those interested in only seeing Rwanda Mountain gorillas would recommend the activity to be done any time of the year because treks are manageable and gorilla tracking is a year round tour activity. But for volcanoes hikers, the dry season is the best in order to make it to the summit.


Rwanda is found in East Africa neighboring Uganda, Democratic republic of Congo, and Tanzania. Now getting to Rwanda from Europe is by air travel and several airlines operate many scheduled flights to Kigali international airport including Rwanda Air the nation’s career. Other Airlines include Quarter, British air, Gulf, Brussels, Emirates, Ethiopian, British and many others. But for those within the East Africa travel by road is cheap and available in all countries. Travelers to Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo find it easy to connect between destinations. Before boarding a plane for your Rwanda tour, ask for a detailed pack list from your Rwanda trip planner or tour operator so that you don’t leave behind important things that you may need during the trip. Still the same planner can advise on the best places to visit or worth checking out during your stay in Rwanda and how convenient it can be. Rwanda tour prices Usually differ depending on the number of days, tour activities and accommodation. To stay cheap take up the Rwanda budget tour or midrange option. Polythene bags effect the environment of Rwanda so avoid using polythene bags to pack some trip things for use.